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CLEANMAX Bondfix Synthetic Rubber Based Adhesive (Pack Of 2) – 50ml


The BONDFIX Synthetic Rubber Adhesives can bind foam/rubber foam to foam and they are used in upholstery (Rexene to foam/rubber foam), wood/plywood to foam/rubber foam/Rexene, and metal to foam/rubber foam. The Synthetic Rubber Adhesives are recommended for bonding any two materials where at least one of them is porous like paper, cardboard, and particleboard. As a Manufacturer and Supplier of BONDFIX Synthetic Rubber Adhesives, the company offers a range that exhibits faster bonding. The Synthetic Rubber Adhesives are used for making superior quality sofa, chair, and mattresses. The Synthetic Rubber Adhesives are soft on foam and keep foam shape intact. Some other characteristic properties of the Synthetic Rubber Adhesives include excellent spread ability and mild smell. Bondfix synthetic rubber based adhesive comes has pure adhesive, less in solvent and more with binding strength. It contains more amount of synthetic rubber with minimum rosin thereby the bonding is tough, rigid and more lasting compared to its compotators. Our quality product Bondfix adhesive is priced little higher than many local brands available in order to satisfy the customer’s satisfaction.

They are easy to handle and the bonding strength is excellent.

It differs from the local rubber adhesives available in electronic market which are invariably loaded with rosin and solvent.

It can be used in various industries Electrical/Electronic/Automobile/Furniture/House-hold purpose/Upholstery/Paper/Cardboard/Particle-board etc.

It is more of synthetic rubber to exhibit tough bonding and water proof.

Bondfix synthetic rubber based-adhesive comes in flexible aluminium tubes.


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