About us

We are a bunch of creative people who loves to create. The happiness we get when we share our creations to the world is beyond explanation. Ofaby an online ecosystem for DIY makers to sell, create and share creative ideas.

Why us?

We believe a new kind of “User” is soon going to emerge. The more conscious user. For example He/ She would want to know more about how the light lamp they bought the other day was made, or what kind of ingredients are used in the food he eats etc. He will be more aware and we thought it is important to keep in mind the “Conscious User” and build great products.

Ofaby is a platform which allows creative makers to Sell their products online. Our criteria is simple, if it can be made by hand, you can sell it on Ofaby. We also allow our customers who would be interested in making the product themselves with their own style by allowing them to buy supplies for the product they wish to make.

We strongly believe the DIY is the next big thing and with our incredible team, we are confident that even a House Wife from a rural village, if talented can sell their products to the world and build a international brand through our guidance and support.