RDC 10″ Round Shinny Greenish Golden Lamp Shade for Table Lamp


his is a 10 Inch Round Shinny Greenish Golden Lamp Shade. The body of the lamp shade is of cloth on outer side. The inner side is made of white plastic sheet for better lighting needs. The Lamp Shade is ideal for small table lamps of height of 8 to 10 Inches with brass bulb holders of regular size. Regular bulbs go well with the lamp shade. Beige being a universal colour, the Lamp Shade goes well with almost all home decors. To view all our products together, visit: www.amazon.in/shops/A6EQA74PP5X2S or click on RDC link above.


Made of Fabric Cloth

Plastic Lining on inner side

Ideal for small/mid-size Table Lamps

Bottom Dia – 10″ / Top Dia – 3.75″ / Slant Height – 6″

Holder Ring Size : Inner Dia – 2.5CM / Outer Dia – 4CM